Installing Granite Kitchen Sinks

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When remodeling your kitchen, installing a new sink and countertop can be part of the project. A popular building material for countertops is granite kitchen sinks. Place the sink template on the countertop to be separated equally between the front and back of the counter. Mark the outline of the template on the countertop with a pencil. Measure 1/2 inches inside the line of the template with a tape measure and mark the check on all four sides. Connect the marks inside the line of the template, using a ruler. Make a hole in each inside corner with a diamond-tipped drill bit of half-inch.

Raise the area below the section of the hob to prevent cracks are formed, while the court. Place two two by four boards cut slightly longer than the sink in the bottom of the countertop and held in place with two-by-fours stood at the bottom of the cupboard under the granite kitchen sinks. Cut the hole to the sink. From one of the holes, cut the countertop along the line you marked. Use a diamond saw blade tip, and take frequent breaks to spray the counter and saw blade with water. Put tape on the bottom of the mountain to prevent surface scratching the countertop.

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Place the sink upside down on a counter or desk. Insert the pipe to the tap through the joint connecting the faucet in the sink and then up through the holes in the rear edge of the sink. Secure the tube in place by installing the mounting nuts and washers. Put a thick plumber’s putty on the bottom lip of the filter. Push the filter into the drain hole. Slide the ring and washer on the filter and against the bottom of the granite kitchen sinks and cover with pipe thread joint compound.

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