Installing Harvest Oak Laminate Flooring

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Installing Harvest Oak Laminate Flooring – Harvest oak laminate flooring is a good choice for an apartment because the boards have tongue and groove sides are intertwined. This provides a strong floor with minimal movement. Placing the word sub-soil is a way to increase the strength and longevity of your floor.

To installing harvest oak laminate flooring, Fill any greater than 1/8 inch with wood filler depression. Place wedges 1/2-inch along the longest wall to act as spacers. Place the first table of the harvest oak wedges against the side of the groove facing the shims and the side of the tongue out of the wedges. Tiptoe through the edge of the tongue at an angle of 45 degrees. Place the next board from end to end with the first.

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Measure the distance between the last placed joint and the wall. Select a board to begin the second row has a different length from the first table in the front row. Place the gasket groove against the tongue on the first board in the first row. Tap the side of the plate with a rubber mallet to seat the tongue and groove together. Complete the second row and each additional row in the same way. Then installation your harvest oak laminate flooring is finish.

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