Installing Kitchen Sink Faucets

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Installing kitchen sink faucets is one of the most basic tasks of plumbing repairman home do-it-yourself can undertake. The sense of accomplishment of replacing an old, ugly and worn faucet can quickly give you the confidence you need to perform the most challenging projects in the kitchen. If you are thinking of replacing the sink, so save a step or two and replace the sink and faucet at the same time. Read the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Wipe any dirt or old plumber’s putty around the holes. Use a spatula to scrape putty and all-purpose household cleaner to remove any dirt. Place a roll of putty putty on the plate if there is one, or along the lower edge of the cover plate if no filler plate. Place the plate into holes along the back of the kitchen sink faucets. Guide tubes through the holes. Secure all matching washers and mounting hardware. Hand tighten the nuts then they give them a ¼ or ½ turn with a wrench.

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Scrape any excess caulk along the base of the kitchen sink faucets with the spatula. Connect the water supply lines, tighter connections with the keys. Open the water supply line and check for leaks. Turn off water and tighten any leaky connection. Turn the water when no more leaks.

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