Installing Single Hole Kitchen Faucet

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A single hole kitchen faucet has a cylindrical base member. This piece is mounted directly into the sink through a single hole. Installation requires the use of a support and a key provided in the kit. If you have experience installing devices, doorknobs or similar devices, this installation process will run very smoothly. It takes about an hour under normal circumstances and possibly more if you’re a handyman with little experience in this field.

Single hole kitchen faucet, shut valves water pipe under the sink, turns right (clockwise) until you take over. Take the old faucet if necessary by unscrewing the nut under the tap stand at the base of the mounting hole with a pair of pliers plumbing, disconnect hoses key water pipes back to the left and lifting the Key sink hole.

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Single hole kitchen faucet insert the hose and the faucet base mounting hole in the sink. Slide the bracket, washer and nut onto the faucet base under the sink mounting hole and tighten the nut with the wrench until the faucet is safe. Attach the tubing to tap water pipes hot and cold place connectors to the ends of the pipes and the connectors by turning right. Tighten the connectors to the hoses are attached to the pipes. Seal the tap running in place a strip of silicone caulk around the edge of the base key and the counter surface of the sink or faucet is mounted. This step is optional.

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