Installing Vinyl Flooring Rolls

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Vinyl Flooring Rolls – Vinyl Flooring are now the most popular floor. There are many arguments today in favor of a vinyl floor. Be particularly positive for instance, the very good hygienic properties rated. But even the good price-performance ratio often convinced you. Furthermore, vinyl offers countless possibilities of individualization.

With decors, designs and colors are no limits, since almost everything can be realized in the production process and as an incredibly versatile product range produced. And although now offering numerous well-known manufacturers also vinyl floors, the floors are often associated with hazardous materials. With this prejudice, we clean up. Just as laminate flooring and vinyl flooring rolls in accordance with the standard DIN EN 685 Use classes assigned to enable Europe-wide comparability of quality.

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Basically, it is not recommended. If you should nevertheless lay a vinyl floor, then just floating without gluing. Here, however, one should note that the old laminate flooring is really flat. Another point is the additional height, caused by the new vinyl flooring rolls. Especially in the area of ​​the doors, it can lead to problems here, so this would have to be shortened. To achieve the best results, you can stick to the prepared leveling compound cement either 5 mm thick solid vinyl or work with a (right) impact sound insulation and install the floor floating.

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