Instructions For Folding Tables Legs

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You can turn any solid flat surface on folding tables with setup legs folding table within it. Buy folding table legs separately from the table . Then install the legs under the desk to make your own folding table with legs folded against the surface of the table for easy storage. Before buying folding table legs, assess the length and width of this table surface. Use these steps to discover folding legs which fit under the top layer of the table, when stretched or if folded.

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Place the table face down on a flat surface. Place the thighs of folding tables on the surface of the table, as they will appear when folded. Check the distance of the legs of folding the edges of the table . Adjust the legs so that they are centered on the width of this table .

Place the legs of again on the surface of the table and align the screw holes of the bracket with the pilot holes. Secure the brackets in place using screws. Some manufacturer folding table leg screws provided. Lift the bottoms of the folding table so that the hinged bar locks into place. Flip the table over and rest on the legs of this folding table.

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