Is Travertine Tiles Good For The Bathroom?

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Travertine tiles – Finding the right tile for your bathroom need to sift what may seem endless choices. Natural stone like marble or granite offer beauty at a high cost; option as ceramic and porcelain deal function at a lower cost. Many people consider travertine to be a nice compromise. If you are thinking of travertine for your bathroom, some details will help you make the right decision.

Many people are drawn of travertine tiles, as they lend a beautiful feel to your bathroom, and blends well with many other natural materials. Since travertine is a natural substance, not two plates are the same. Contains the natural beauty of travertine in your bathroom will result in an attractive, unique floor. Travertine is also a tough material, has been around for ages, and will last for many years, saving you the cost of replacing your floors.

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Travertine tiles require far more maintenance than alternatives such as pottery and porcelain. Because they come in bright colors, these tiles are easier to dye and etching. The honed surface is not without its own disadvantages, since the structure can keep dirt and be difficult to clean. In cold areas during winter, travertine tiles feel uncomfortably cold underfoot and do not absorb power, so they can tire your feet when you walk on them for long periods.

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