King Size Bed Frame With Headboard

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Standard King Size mattress measures 76 by 80 inches. A California king, sometimes called a Western king is four longer to accommodate more height inches, but 4 inches narrower. If king size bed frame with headboard you have a standard king size headboard, it can be converted to a California king. Convert your current header requires work, but it saves money in the end.

Measure the width of the headboard. Locate the exact center of the head and draw a line from the top of the head to the bottom. Measure 2 inches on either side of the line and mark. Draw king size bed frame with headboard a straight line from the top to the bottom of the header in these marks indicating where to cut. Cut the length of the cutting lines with a jigsaw. Cut the strip removed in three equal pieces. The exact length depends on the size of the header.

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Lay the head on the floor face down. Join the two cutting edges, lining. Place the strips of three cuts in step 2 through the seam where the two pieces are joined headboard. Place the first strip 2 inches below the top edge. Place the second strip 2 inches above the bottom edge.  king size bed frame with headboard And the third midway between the first and second. I align widthwise of the head, centered over the seam. Secure the strips in place by placing four nails on each strip; two pins on the left side of the seam and two pins on the right side of the seam.

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