Kitchen Boards Granite Table Tops

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Granite table tops with natural materials are treated to be, well valued for their aesthetic qualities and skills building, because of its complex origins. A rock is a constituent material of the earth’s crust, formed by an association of minerals, having a structure, an internal organization that has different origins, nature takes millions of years to produce a rock, after subjecting the materials to complex processes in an adventure that surpasses the limits of the known gives us as a manifestation of his creativity infinitely unique products of extraordinary beauty, endless expressions of his majestic essence.

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Like the marble, granite table tops will attend the same applications, but we must define, that the granite is not attacked by the elements in its application abroad and does not need too much maintenance is that aspect, being thus a life more useful to the marble. It is a magma igneous rock, whose essential components are quartz which gives hardness, feldspar that gives color and Mica that gives the brightness also by other components of little importance. The hardness of the granite in the Mohs scale is 7 and its density is 2.5.

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Master stonemason produces granite table tops for kitchens and bathrooms, boards in different types of natural stone, granite, marble, and quartz, desktop. fitted kitchens, kitchen furniture, kitchen cabinets, granite countertops for kitchen countertops, marble tables, countertops, islands, bars, granite floors, walls, stairs, stoves, pedestals, Jacuzzis etc.

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