Kitchen Step Stool Decoration

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Wooden kitchen step stool offer various possibilities, and even metal stools can be decorated.  Sand wooden stools with sandpaper 100 grit, then paint them in bright colors inspired by a rainbow.  Paint the curved wooden seat of a stool in a citrus color such as orange, yellow or green.Then paint a white ring at the chair beside the rim, and also three lines run through the middle.  Remove the seat from the top of the bar stool, and pay with another cloth.  Then secure the fabric, with a staple gun, before replacing the seat on the kitchen step stool.  Choose a durable fabric to withstand hard use.  It may be a solid color or patterned.

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Sew the squares together, creating a seam quarter-inch from the border, leaving a two inch gap.  Then turn on the borders of the gap and sew the gap closed.  Attach two strips on each corner of the pillow.  Utilize each pair of tapes to tie the legs kitchen step stool.

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