Knotty Pine Laminate Flooring Remodeling Ideas

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Knotty pine laminate flooring – If you are considering renovating a room with knotty pine paneling, you know that you have a big decision ahead-adhere panels or go? You may be tempted to tear out the panel, but do not assume it’s going to give your room a new look.

Removing knotty pine laminate flooring paneling and replacing it with drywall is an expensive, not to mention painstaking, process. Be prepared to spend a lot of money and time on removal and replacement. Unless you have experience with drywall installation, this is a job best left to professionals.

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A cheaper, but no less laborious option when remodeling with knotty pine, is to paint over panel. It is not an easy job, but many who consider appearance knotty pine laminate flooring paneling dated and unattractive would say it is worth the trouble. The key to a good result is primer. The knots that gives pine paneling character also emits tannins and resin that may bleed through even the darkest of paint, staining finish. Use a primer that is recommended for use of Panel and follow manufacturer’s recommendations for prepping the surface. Most primers are all white or pale gray, has so primer tinted if you plan to paint the surface a dark color.

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