Laminate Flooring That Looks Like Wood

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Laminate flooring that looks like wood – Should you choose a new floor? Thinking of wood, you are not alone. Wood is the most common flooring material in Sweden, and oak are the most popular wood species. This gives the floor a pro their best advice.

It is not surprising that wood is by far the most popular flooring material in Sweden. It’s nice to go on, suits the climate in our latitudes, have a long life – and there is great plenty to choose from laminate flooring that looks like wood.

Today you can get oak floors with any appearance. There are stained dark or bright, brushed, varnished, oiled, waxed . The advantage of choosing a stained oak floors instead of, for example, a walnut is that you can change. A stained oak floors can be sanded and surface treated in any other way if you get tired, without having to replace the entire floor, says Nader Pakzad, store the linoleum Kompaniet in Stockholm, a well-stocked flooring market with 75-year history.

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A great wooden floor has a life of 40-50 years, so I usually recommend that you think long-term. Bet on a floor of a little better quality that lasts. To repaint or wallpaper can be easily done if one wants to change the interior, but a floor adds perhaps only once in his life. See you some pictures of laminate flooring that looks like wood for inspiration.

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