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Distressed dresser – Distressing furniture is a popular do it yourself project for those who want their decor have an old look but can not afford real antiques. You can distress a comfortable room in a matter of hours, or using more complicated techniques for a more authentic look. All you need is paint, sandpaper and an idea of ​​what you want your closet to see how once afflicted him.

Lest follow this direction first, remove the drawers. Clean the inside and outside with a damp cloth comfortable. Sand the sideboard. Be careful not to apply too much pressure. If there is dirt or paint distressed dresser that do not flow when sanding, go over the area with a wire brush. Apply a coat of primer to the entire dresser. Allow the primer to dry.

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Paint the toilet with a brush, making sure to follow the grain in the wood. When the paint is dry, apply a second coat. Sand areas you want to look distressed dresser, as edges and corners. Apply a polyurethane stain or the comfortable end all and let it dry.For your warning don’t forget to always paint with the grain. By staining it will give the wood an aged appearance.

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