Make a Nice Diy Narrow Storage Bench

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Screw the feet right into the board. It is not necessary to pre-drill the board, because the medium is a fairly soft timber. The bench is finished! You can definitely place your vase, and your possessions at the small niche and install yourself!

This tutorial allows you to make a narrow storage bench so you do not have to get up to find another book when the one that you read is finished! We start by creating the location for the vase. For this, take the 25 x 45 cm board and mark the location of the vase in one of those corners. Then drill the board here, with the hole saw. The pit has to have the diameter of the vase.

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Carefully hold the planks of this rack together using the clamps. If necessaryremove excess glue with a cloth. Allow the paste to dry for at least 24 hours. To solidify the assembly, it is likely to add reinforcing brackets in the bottom of the storage box. Once the glue dries, paint the border of this furniture with a roller.

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