Make A Tree Trunk Coffee Table

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Tree trunk coffee table – You can make a coffee table of any kind of wood, even an old stump. The type of wood trunk coffee table you do depends on your skill as a woodworker, the type of wood you have, the tools you have – or could have – and personal preferences. If you are skilled and have the tools, you can make an elegant table with curved legs and a wooden parquet top. Or you can find a suitable stump and top it with a giant slab cut from a large tree trunk. (You can sometimes buy them at a garden store.)

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Design a tree trunk coffee table to fit your interior design scheme, budget and woodworking skills. In its simplest form, a coffee table a plate of wood – generally about 18 inches wide and 36 inches long – on top of a base usually about 15 – 20 inches high, although these dimensions can vary.

The wood may be oak, walnut or maple for a formal style; teak or pine for Danish modern; pine or cypress or cedar rustic; or similar timber of a tree trunk coffee table. Some people make the coffee tables of old boxes or pallets; some buy exotic woods from specialty retailers. Everything can work with imagination and skill.

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