Make An King Upholstered Headboard Size Sheet

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King upholstered headboard – Mark where you want the rows of buttons to go on the piece of wood that is the size you want your head to be with chalk. Drill a small hole with an electric drill through each chalk mark. Flip the piece of plywood over and drill a small 1-inch screw beneath each hole. Cut the foam sheet so that is 4 inches longer and wider than the dimensions of the head using an electric knife. Turn over and spray the foam with industrial strength fabric spray. Press foam against plywood, adjusting so the plywood is in the exact center of the foam. Pull the edges of the foam down tight against the back of the plywood. These staple gun foam edges down against the back.

Place the King upholstered headboard extra-large sheet face down on a flat surface. Place the foam side of the plywood down on the canvas in the exact center. Pull the edges of the blade down on the back of the plywood, staple gunning down. Cut off the excess with scissors. Thread a tapestry needle with strong thread in a matching color as your resume. Upholstery sewing buttons against each hole. Pull the thread down against the back of the plywood, wrapping the yarn and knot against the nail. This keeps the flip button down against the foam.

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