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With an intelligent application of the pillows and proper bedding, you can turn a bed into a sofa and vice versa. Make your own accessible materials and save yourself a lot of money. When you make your own sofa bed instead of buying a sofa bed made in series, you can choose everything   settee sofa about him, even the color of the wood. Making a sofa bed is a project that an amateur can do everything dedicated completed within a few wooden tables of 82 3/4 inches (2.10 m) long that will serve as the long sides of sofa, using a hand saw or table. Carefully measure and mark with a pencil line first.

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Cut six pieces of 42 1/2 inches (1.07 m) long that will serve as studs or joists and cut 12 boards of 84 3/4 inches (2.15 m) that will serve as platform. The wooden tables longer be the platform on which rest the sofa mattress.Place the two  that are 82 3/4 inches (2.10 m) long,   settee sofa on a flat surface where you have plenty of room to do your job. The two pieces of wood must be parallel and rest on their edges on the floor. on each partner using the drill. Make holes along the frame on both sides, at exactly the same distance from both side as the other.

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Place the remaining four tables which are 42 1/2 inches (1.07 m) long inside the frame with their ends touching each drill hole. In the same position as the two end tables, wide sides should be   settee sofa perpendicular to the floor, perfectly parallel to the shorter end tables.With drill screw them to keep them in place.Covering the Accommodates boards that stage along the frame so that each end of each table frame protrudes by 1 inch (2.5 cm). Each table should be spaced 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) between them. press firmly place after each table.

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