Making A Bookshelf Headboard Design

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Bookshelf headboard – A header is placed at the head of the bed, behind the pillows. Some headers are attached to the bed frame; others are attached to the wall. They are made to the functionality or design (sometimes two). Shelf headers fit into both categories. They located above the bed, are useful as a bedside table. Put your books, lamp, alarm clock, etc., at your fingertips. Decorative items can be placed on the shelf add to the design of the room. The bookshelf is easily converted into headboards.

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Decide where to place the shelf above the bed. You can put the platform anywhere you want, but make sure you can sit in bed without hitting your head on it. Decide on the number of bookshelf and their positioning in the wall. Use a level and a pencil to draw a line where the bookshelf headboard will go. Buy wooden planks height and width you want for the platform. Measure the length bookshelf and cut with a saw.

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Sand the wood with sandpaper grit 220. Sand all parties, especially the sides sawing. When they are soft, wipe the wood clean with a damp towel. Paint the wood with a primer. Paint the wood in the color you choose for the platform. Lift the support hidden lines drawn on the wall bookshelf headboard.  Make a hole with electric drill at each point. Place the bracket on the wall and align the holes. Insert the rear end of the platform in the support channel.

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