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Making a headboard – Headers are an opportunity to show your personal style and creativity. Incorporate pictures in his head to take advantage of this opportunity. You can make a headboard coupled with photos of recovered wood blinds. Use four blinds and attach them to the wall with traditional shutter hinges, which are called pivots. Pivots allow you to remove the header whenever you want and exchanges with different hinges for a completely different look.

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Place the blinds on a work surface and brush gently with a wire brush to remove traces of paint making a headboard or other debris from them. Wipe clean with a tack cloth blinds. Brush a coat of shellac, even in each shutter with a brush. Allow 24 hours for the paint to dry and apply a second coat. Let the final coat to dry 24 hours.

Place the sealing flat on a work surface in pairs. East vertical blinds. Place a pivot located making a headboard on the outer edge of each shutter, 6 inches at each end. Fix the sealing means pivots in the shutters with the screws provided with the joint pin, using a screw gun. Keep the blinds against the wall where the headboard will be located. East blinds vertically in pairs, side by side. Set the medial wall of each set of plug to the wall with screws provided with a screw gun.

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