Making An Drop Leaf Kitchen Table

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Measure the drop leaf kitchen table and mark the exact center using a chalk line or yard stick or pencil and chalk. Set up two sawhorses or attach both legs on either side of the center line at least 5 cm between them. Cut down table between the center line using a circular saw. Place the two halves side by side on the bridge or additional legs. Scoring for two holes along freshly cut each half; making them a good distance apart. Then drill straight holes 1/4 inch on the surface of the table, parallel to the surface of the table itself. Make them about an inch deep, or enough for half the wooden stake time to go inside.

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Wooden coat pegs in wood glue and insert them into the holes. Make sure they are straight and perfectly aligned; if not, redrill holes for a short distance. Do this for the two halves of the holes of the table and leave empty drilling opposite each pin in each half, when the drop leaf kitchen table is closed. Cut the section of the blade of a thick piece of wood that matches your table thickness and width.

If you can not find the right wood, glue two pieces of wood together, or use fibreboard with a laminate that matches your table. Hold the paper in half and mark where wooden pegs will cross the road. Do this for both sides of the drop leaf kitchen table. Do not rely on the measurement; mark right holes from each half on each side of the sheet. Then drill holes in it and free them waste. Make the holes as deep as the pins are long.

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