Making An Wrought Iron Headboard

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Wrought iron headboard – A bed frame wrought iron can provide a classic and sophisticated look for your bedroom. However, this type of bed frame may not include a header, which would make your bedroom looks incomplete. ┬áMeasure the width of the structure of the wrought iron bed with a ribbon. The head of the bed should be about 2 more inches wider than the frame. Cut a piece of foam core board the width of the bed frame with the utility knife, using a metal ruler as a guide for a straight cut.

Put three sheets of fusible fleece on the foam board. Cut yarn to the dimensions of the base plate of the foam with scissors. Place a pressing cloth on the fusible fleece. Press the cloth with a wrought iron headboard to melt the wool sections together and merge sections of the base plate of the foam. As fabric about 4 inches larger than pen cardboard, fabric and cut with scissors. Place the foam board, with polar side down, onto the cloth. Place adhesive strips of fabric at the edge of the fabric and fold the edges firmly on the back of the motherboard of the foam.

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Measure and cut a section of fabric 2 inches smaller than the foam board. Place adhesive strips of fabric around the perimeter and put the fabric on the backside of the motherboard of the foam to the edges of the fabric folded in front overlaps. Measure and cut hook and loop tape to the perimeter of the wrought iron headboard. Remove the backing from the hook part of the tape and press it onto the back of the head.

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