Making Bean Bag Chair Covers

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Instructions to produce bean bag chair covers: measure the sides, front, and rear of the bean bag chairs. To make a bottom and top of those chairs, cut two pieces of fabric; before trimming, add 1 inch to each of edges of the fabric to sew the pieces together.

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Tips and warnings to make would be use a microfiber cloth or tissue that’s resistant to stains and spills.

With right sew on the top and bottom pieces together with a seam in 3 7/8 inch of edges. Leave open for insertion of the bean bag side. The bean bag placed inside the cap, and then closes it by pressing on the two Velcro straps together.

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The bean bag chairs are apparently whimsical idea that they have stood the test of time. Its popularity continues now, particularly with families involved in video games. They are all comfortable, mobile, and adored by children and adults alike. To maintain the bean bag chair always nice and new appearances, we can use bean bag chair covers to cover it.

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