Making Distressed Wood Coffee Table

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Distressed wood coffee table – furniture or antiques means artificially aged to achieve that kind of environment, “shabby chic”. This type of antique imitation is achieved in a variety of ways, from the back of painting sanding areas for physically denting, chipping and scratching the article as well as the use of glaze or stain to add an aged patina to piece. A wooden coffee table is a perfect candidate for distressing. Sand entire table using sandpaper medium grain to scratch the surface. Wipe with a tack cloth to completely remove sanding dust. Paint the table with white paint and let dry. If necessary, apply a second coat to achieve a uniform color. Leave to dry for the manufacturer’s recommended time painting.

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Approximately sand the edges of the table surface with sandpaper grain course for the paint thinner in some places and completely removed to reveal other timber. Repeat on the edges of the legs and patches on the surface of the table to mimic the effects of years of use. If desired, use an old piece of string to hit the table in patches. This creates a random effect of chipped paint distressed wood coffee table and dents.

Apply a small amount of distressed wood coffee table stain with a rag and rub on the table, paying particular attention to any detail on the lap or table edge. Rub over the whole table, then wipe off excess with a clean cloth so that the white paint is lightly colored. In areas of detail, let the stain sit for longer so that the color is higher.

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