Making Fire Pit Coffee Table

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In order to reflect your personal tastes and styles, you need custom items to build a patio table. Fire pit coffee table is a focal point for meetings and can also serve as a special grill. Building a fire pit in your backyard can be achieved using only a few basic tools and building materials. Fire pits are not that expensive to be efficient. Turn your backyard into a cozy space with the construction of a simple fire pit.

Find a location in the yard to the fire that is away from any structures or trees. Outer corners work well to keep flames away from the walls and keep smoke out of the house. Make sure the fire pit is on a level area. Create the barrier between the patio and fire pit coffee table. Have your local home center piece of aluminum cut to the dimensions given with the purchase of the sheet. Put the sheet into the courtyard where the fire pit will be built.

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Build the base of the fire pit coffee table. Brick placing a ring around the edges of the aluminum foil with brick bearing formation sunlight that extend outwardly. Keep the visible edge of the aluminum on all sides. Make ends Brick touch each other to form a closed circle. Place a layer of gravel in between the bricks so as to cover the inner circle of the top of the bricks.

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