Making Lift Top Coffee Tables

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Lift top coffee tables – A coffee table top elevation is a convenient way to maintain a refined lounge, and facilitates quick cleaning in situations of last minute guests. The storage below this coffee table can be adjusted to suit the need of design and can be used for storing toys, or even as a toy workbench or on the other side play place to surface the coffee table. The dimensions of the project can be changed to suit any length or width desired coffee table.

Lift top coffee tables set of two 1-by-1-by-16-inch seats upright on the work surface, 12 inches. Establishing a media-by-4-by-12-inch board, which is a table of the short side, including an edge of the plate flush with the short side of both side positions? Drilling two holes through the posts and each end of the short side table. Tighten the screws to 2-inch wood into the holes and tighten them securely in place. Repeat with the other set of two posts and a short side panel.

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Lift top coffee tables, place the two sets of poles mounted upright with the help of an assistant, placing two meters from each other. The two sections must be assembled parallel to one another and have surfaces flush with the side panel of the positions facing each other. Place board 1/2-by-4-by-24-inches between the two assembled sections, with each end of the table, a table of the long side against one of the posts. Adjust the long side plate for a surface is flush with the inner surfaces of the two posts he plays.

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