Making Rustic End Tables

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Rustic end tables – The first settlers had no choice but to use any wood furniture was available for oil for their homes. If you are lucky enough to live near a wooded area, you can replicate these early examples of ingenuity, using just a few trunks. These rustic pieces can become the focal point of any room, because they add texture and charm, without changing all the decor of a room. Add a drawer pull iron or a pair of deer antler chandeliers to complete the rustic charm.

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Cut a junction of three tips of the branches of a tree. Each tooth must be at least one inch in diameter, and the overall height must be high enough to act as rustic end tables legs. Even the slice of tree trunk using a belt sander. Make a hole in the bottom middle of the bottom of the tree trunk, Slice then insert a pin screw.

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Cut the base at the right height. Drill a hole in the top center screw for the pin. Join the top and the bottom, wrapping the rustic end tables legs on the pin screw. Check the level. Finished with mineral oil until the top has dried completely. Then sand the top, fill the cracks with wood putty and apply a natural wood finish.

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