Making Tree Stump Coffee Table

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George Nakashima changed the way we view with its beautiful furniture pieces that incorporate huge slabs and roughly-hewn wooden blocks. You can create your own unique furniture in a style similar to Nakashima. Start by simply making a tree stump coffee table.

Decide how you want your tree stump coffee table to be cut stump height and that height with a chain saw. Be sure to use the protective caps from the eyes and ears. The heights of the coffee tables vary but are usually 30 inches (2-1 / 2 feet) or less. Peel the bark. An ax works well for this task. This step is very important because if there are any bugs that live on the stump, it is most likely found in the bark.

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Tree stump coffee table, place the stump in a warm atmosphere. If necessary, place it on a heater or a wood stove. Allow the stump to dry for at least a month until you see cracks or chopped at the top or bottom of the stump. Turn regularly to the stump to dry evenly. Use a sander to remove the rough edges of the stump. This will prevent anyone getting splinters from his coffee table tree stump. Paint the die surface thoroughly with linseed oil. Flaxseed oil acts as an insecticide that helps preserve the stump. Allow the oil to dry before proceeding; this may take a whole day or more.

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