Making Wood Bath Mat

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Wood bath mat – The s carpets bathroom often left at the mercy of high temperature, high moisture concentration, and constant friction. But they are indispensable, which protect us from the cold floor to get out of the shower, and that preventing slips and accidents of all kinds. Therefore, we learn to make our own rug or carpet of wood for bathroom, in simple steps and with minimal expense.

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To make a rug for the wood bath mat of a fairly standard size, we need wood slats and rods, some nails, and special paints for protection. Choose easy wood to work and to receive good products apply. The pine and composite wood (MDF, DM, and chipboard) are ideal, because they absorb and perfectly set the processing elements necessary for this work.

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To make a carpet of 35 cm wide, use strips that measure long, 5 centimeters wide, and no more than a centimeter thick. You can also use strips one centimeter, which will allow us to unite and separate the strips equidistant. Slats and acquires many tables as needed, to make a carpet of adequate width for your wood bath mat. Under these measures, for example, if you want to make a carpet of about 60 centimeters wide, use nine strips of ten pieces, ending both ends in a draw. The table can have flexibility, or be fixed and flat. If you want this second option, takes three bars of slats width of the carpet to give more height to the mat.

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