Making Wood Platform Bed Frame

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If you need an affordable way to support your mattress, consider building your own wood platform bed frame as. You can paint the wood in any color you choose to match the existing decor of your bedroom. Bed frames platform are also lightweight and can be easily moved from room to room. Make sure you have an assistant to help move the mattress if it is too big or too heavy for you to handle safely.

Use a tape measure to find the length and width of the mattress to be used with the wood platform bed frame. Subtract 2 inches of each measurement to the mattress of the bed frame overlap. Cut two pieces of wood 2 12 according to their measure of length. Subtract 3 1/2 inches wide measure and cut two tables of 12 plus 2 by that number. The ends will be inside parts when generating the long box-shaped frame side. Lay the four pieces of wood on the floor to form a box. Use wood glue to attach the pieces to the side pieces. Place a clamp on each corner to join the two pieces. Let the glue dry overnight. Remove the clamps once the glue is dry and reinforce the structure use three large wood screws at each corner.

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Measure and cut one to three pieces of wood that are the same length as its end. These will be the supports in the middle of your wood platform bed frame. Use a piece of support if you’re making a frame for a small mattress. Add a second or third piece of support for large mattresses. Fit brackets into the center of the box-shaped structure. Secure in place by inserting three wood screws through the side and at each end of the support piece part.

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