Making Wood Porch Swing

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You can build your own wood porch swing, it’s the perfect place to sit and enjoy the fresh air and gentle breeze while drinking place a glass of lemonade or iced tea. You can personalize your wood porch swing to suit your height and body size. Draw a diagram of the chair on which he will build. Include all dimensions of width, height and depth of the whole chair.

Create a template for wood porch swing using plywood. To do this, draw the swinging way over the plywood and cut the plywood template with the bandsaw. Only going to create a template to use for porch swing this ensures that the porch is identical. The bow should follow a curve so that the bottom end of each rocker is 2 1/2 inches above the bottom half of the porch. For more rocking, you can make the lower ends of 3 inches to 3 1/2 inches taller. The lower arch should be 2 inches below the top of the arc, giving their porch finished a height of 2 inches.

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Use the template to draw the pattern of the wood porch swing on two pieces of wood at least 2 inches thick. Use the band saw to carefully cut along the pencil line on wood. Smooth rails with a plane and sandpaper. The rails should be as smooth as possible at the bottom, as this will provide a smooth motion.

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