Making Wooden Queen Bed Frame

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Wooden queen bed frame – You may spend more than $ 1,000 on a bed frame, and that is a simple wooden frame with medium to high quality. A really ornate frame may double. However, if you have a weekend you can build a simple wooden frame that will support your bed with clean, attractive lines. This project is within the capabilities of even novice workers, provided you give yourself enough time to do it slowly and methodically hit with every step.

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Cut wooden queen bed frame to specified addresses. If you are not comfortable long lines just cut your yard timber can do for you. Sand all sides of the wood with coarse sandpaper. Again with paper fine-grained sand. Apply a coat of paint to all exposed surfaces. Let dry.

Wooden queen bed frame, arrange two short and two long beams in a rectangular frame, supported on its narrow edges, so that short beams sit inside the long beams. Connect with two wood screws 3 inches at each corner. Drive screws using the electric drill, through the faces of the long beams and the ends of the short beams. Repeat first step to build a second rectangular frame using the remaining beams. Put the two pictures next to each side playing. This will form a 60-inch by 80-inch frame.

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