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Tufted headboard king – Measure the width of the bed then determine how high you want the head to be. Buy a sheet of plywood and cut to this size. Cut the fabric and padding. Make sure they are long enough to wrap around the edges of the board. Cut the foam to the size of the board. Draw an outline on the plywood in the model you want for tufting. Holes along the contours and space them according to the distance you want between the keys. For example, if you want the tufting in the shape of a rectangle with buttons about 4 centimeters apart, then draw a rectangle the size you want and holes along the contours that are 4 inches apart. small pieces Cut the excess tissue that is about 2 inches by 2 inches. Cut the largest number of pieces as holes in the panel of plywood.

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Next step to measure the tufted headboard king  is place the fabric on the floor, with the wrong side, and lay the bat on it. Place the foam on top of the batting and put the card on the foam. Extract the overlapping edges of fabric and padding at the back of the card. Staple the fabric and batting to the card. Double-thread a needle. Push it through a hole in the back of the card, through the foam, padding and fabric to the front of the head. Slide a button on the needle, and then push the needle through the fabric, batting and foam and back through the hole. Place a small piece of tissue where the wire comes out of the foam and make sure it is between the two strands of wire. Pull the thread tight so that the key lines up against the padding and make a tight knot against the piece of fabric. Cut the thread. Repeat this with the other holes.

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Apply adhesive resistant construction to the back of the head and attach it to the wall. Consider supporting it for at least 48 hours, with two 2-by-4-inch long boards. For a removable head, connect the side facing down of two or more terminals on the back of the head with screws, making sure they are level and connect the high side-pointing of the studs on the wall with screws. Now the tufted headboard king is finish.

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