Microfiber Sectional Sofa Repair

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Microfiber sectional sofa – Microfiber sofas are elegant pieces of furniture that can complement a variety of different areas of life. However, microfiber is quite easy to tear, and you may find that you need to repair the couch occasionally. Fortunately, this problem can be fixed with a needle and thread. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to buy an expensive repair kit to fix your microfiber couch.

Dab the solution Fray Check around the edge of tears on the microfiber sectional sofa. Allow time to dry before continuing. Use an arm length of thread that matches the color of the sofa. Tie a small knot so the thread is attached to the needle. Screw the needle slightly below the tear in the couch, and then pull the needle through again to create a right stitch where the tear begins.

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A microfiber sectional sofa can be sustained if you know how properly cared for and maintained. But there are certain things to be, besides water, avoided to have a microfiber couch. Do not use any type of spray cleaning product or cleaning block eraser on your microfiber, because it can damage the fabric. Microfiber fabric is also flammable. Be careful to keep matches, lighters and cigarettes away from the couch. To keep the sofa discoloration, do not place under direct sunlight – the color may deteriorate. Do not be surprised if parts of the seat cushions look slippery or worn after a few months of heavy use. Simply brush the fabric fibers to rejuvenate.

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