Mild Soap For Slate Tile Flooring

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Slate Tile Flooring – No matter what type of cleanser you choose to use your slate tile floor or a shower, let it sit on the tiles in a few minutes, allowing cleaning agents begin to break down dirt and grease, making it easier to clean the tiles. Use a soft brush on the slate itself and the mortar joints to work out the dust and dirt that causes the porous grout.

Commercial cleaning products for slate tile flooring and showers are in abundance, what they have in common is that their pH is alkaline. Slate tiles require a solution alkaline cleaning of acid etch slate, which pitting. Every time you use a new type of commercial cleaner on the slate tiled floor or shower, test detergent in an out-of-the -way place first. If cleaning agents will damage your slate tile, it is less difficult to repair.

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Mild soap and water works well for daily cleaning of the slate tile floor and shower. So it will not damage the slate surface. If you are unsure if a new detergent will work properly on your slate tile flooring or a shower, test it as you would a commercial detergent. Choose a discreet place and clean a small area.

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