Mini Foosball Table Review

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Mini foosball table – Image Table Soccer is a totally new idea of table games. Patented and manufactured by hand in Spain tables, home to two uses never found before, and that in two simple measures that can be done with one hand (open and raising) is transformed into a conventional football as people with whom many have grown. We produce traditional tables of standard sizes, so anyone can have on your living room and have a easy way of opening two folding pliers find a professional football as well as a new lift system which lets you put your match up to the adults with maximum stability and robustness or leave this up to a table so that the little ones of the house can also enjoy this healthy, social and financial entertainment.

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Some of the special selling points of Soccer Table are: We’re the very first to present such a product in Spain and beyond. We manufacture in Spain protected by registration of utility models in the SPTO. Because the personalization, custom manufacture and products are paid before the very first order and last shipping, and therefore you don’t have to support huge investments in stock. And we make traditional foosball (no table) whose grade, finishing, durability and customization have nothing to do with what exists on the industry.

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All of R & D necessary to get a totally new market, dependable product quality and has already been achieved during the first three years by the grant of this patent (2019-2019). Mini foosball table and in this period we also have refined the production process, selecting, negotiating, involving and coordinating the numerous suppliers involved in manufacturing. So that today we are ready meet a significant growth in demand without any issues.

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