Mounting A Wooden Towel Rack

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Wooden towel rack – Installing new hardware, such as a towel rack in the bathroom will help to update the look of the room. Towel racks have either decorative towels and towels used for bathing. Due to the weight of the towels, it is important to anchor the towel rack on the wall using drywall anchors. Otherwise, the rack wall will eventually loosen and fall. Place the screw template included in the towel rack against the wall in the location you want to install the rack. Make sure the template is directly using a level, then paste the template to the wall.

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Press holes through the template on the wall with a screw to indicate the brands you have to drill the holes of wooden towel rack. Remove the template from the wall. Holes in the wall using the drill size recommended by the manufacturer of the wall anchor. Tap the wall anchors to the wall using a hammer.

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Place the mounting hardware in the wall anchors and use a screwdriver to secure the screws included with the wooden towel rack. Place the hooks on the inside of the base of towels in the mounting hardware. Tighten the screws on the bottom of the base of each one with the Allen key provided by the manufacturer of towels.

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