Mounting Floating Wood Floors

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A floating wood floors from Moelven is easy to assemble. Depending on the surface it can be screwed or glued. To end result will be good, it is important that the installation instructions are followed.

The wood floors movements is a natural floating wood floors has a lovely feel whether it is pine, fir, oak or other wood floor. Then it’s just natural and vibrant needed a little more care when installing. Wood floor adapt continuously to their environment. Increases the moisture in the air so “grow” the wood and reduces moisture in the air it shrinks. The movements take place across the grain, therefore across the board / plank and thus not at all or only quite marginally lengthwise.

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Depending on the starting position, how dry or damp the board / plank is the assembly, increases or decreases the width retrofitting. The wood is damp when laying there arises shrinkage. The wood is very dry, so does the wood of the width. There are no big movements we talk about but to give a precise measurement is impossible because it is depending on the floating wood floors moisture content at pickling, air humidity fluctuations, and wood fiber density mm.

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