Narrow Nightstand Beside Of Bed

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Narrow nightstand – The bedside narrow nightstand can be composed only of a shelf, two shelves without the drawer, a shelf with a drawer, a shelf and a door. The different combinations depend on our space needs, the stuff that we put in the narrow nightstand and the type of bed that we possess.


Even in the case of the narrow nightstand, the designers have indulged in creating forms and effects of the most extravagant. But there are also traditional bedside, with linear forms. Let’s see what are the main forms taken from a  narrow nightstand:  Rectangular, when the rectangular shelf; Cubic, when the shelf square; cylindrical, when the shelf has a circular or semi-circular;  Irregular: it includes all other cases. Sinuous and non-linear,   the square but not classic, the narrow nightstand can assume any bizarre appearance

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The standard dimensions of a narrow nightstand are around 40-45 cm wide, 35-40 cm long and 35-45 cm in height. There are also many variations of the measures of a narrow nightstand, also depending on the elements that compose it: bedside of 30-35 cm wide for those with little space to the sides of the bed, bedside tables made only by a wooden shelf.

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