Outdoor Wooden Spiral Staircase

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Wooden spiral staircase outdoors can range from a simple, DIY weekend to an elaborate design that requires an experienced contractor project. If your need is simply to replace a worn out from the stairs, go a step further with a little creativity. Make the most of the natural beauty, durability and longevity of wood. The results can make a big difference in curb appeal and exhibit the pride you have in your home.

Create cascading stairs to a house built on a slope. This treatment will make a sophisticated statement for wooden spiral staircase to the entrance of a house or stairs leading to a patio or pool area. Make a difference in width of at least 2 feet of each level create the cascading effect, from ground level and continuing to the top level of the stair landing. Another consideration for further stain the exterior impact is 2 or 3 inches of wood in a contrasting color you use it as the color of the main spot. For example, use a stain of maple for the main color and a redwood stain to a contrasting color on the edge of the stairs. The contrast will also serve as security by defining each stairway, which can be very beneficial and useful for children and older family members and visitors.

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Using a mixed technique to give a contemporary touch to your wooden spiral staircase. Instead of using wood for balusters, use metal pipe. The idea to go one step further and design the bars running horizontally instead of vertically. Drill holes horizontally heavy gauge wire between the pipe threads or use very thin pipe. You may have seen this type of treatment in magazines with interior stairs lofts and modern houses. The technique works equally well for treatment outside the home transmitted using modern architectural techniques both indoors and outdoors.

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