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Most beds are best seen with an architectural element to the head. Although buying traditional headers can be expensive, cheaper options can add creativity to a room. The most important design feature of a headboard is to provide a visual anchor connecting the bed to the wall behind him. padded headboard There are many approaches inexpensive, visually appealing to the addition of the visual anchor. Reused Picket Fence If you are able to get your hands on an old fence, reuse of a header with a coat of paint and some nails. Otherwise, this project can be achieved with a picket fence slats. Remove a section of the fence is the same width as your bed, and paint it a color that nicely complements the color of the wall.

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After it has dried, nail the top and bottom of each strip to the wall that sits against your bed before placing the bed directly against the fence. Simple Modern headboard one good thing about modern design is clean lines and simple design can be easy to emulate at low prices.  padded headboard For a simple, modern headboard, buy a thick wooden board that is at least as wide as his bed and at least two feet higher. Cut the board to the required size if necessary, and sand the edges until smooth. Stain the wooden board to match other furniture in the room and bolted to the wall leans against his bed.

Painted Header a simple option is to paint one headboard on the wall behind the bed. For this, the tape part of the wall which is the same width as the bed and two higher than the height of the bed feet. You can choose to stencil a design on the square using spray paint. Another option is to add a border around the paint either using contrasting color padded headboard paint. Another way to add a headboard of your bed at low cost to provide a visual anchor at the head of the bed using framed art. Purchase 3 or 4 identical frames. Using family photos or a series of art pieces, fill the boxes and hang about 4 feet above the bed in a row. The effect works best if the line frame spans the width of the bed.

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