Paint On Iron Headboard

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Iron headboard – are a cornerstone in the history. They offer crafts people expect that in earlier times. Abraham Lincoln Billy the Kid, the history books tell the story of the old-fashioned beds and the famous Victorian era from which they are known. An iron headboard adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any bedroom decor even today. Unfortunately they tend to rust and scale. Modern techniques available will help restore the iron headboard and adds shine to it.  Scrub brush steel wire bristles on the surface of its head. This will get rid of the loose paint flakes and metal oxide.

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Use a scraper to remove any difficult times of iron headboard. For rounded surfaces or edges, use sandpaper medium grain. Wipe the entire header using mineral spirits and a clean cloth. Spray all exposed metal with phosphoric acid. This will convert the remaining inert iron oxide. Wear a mask, safety goggles, gloves and a shirt with long sleeves to protect your body when working with phosphoric acid.

Brush away any loose scales of acid treatment of iron headboard. Apply a thick layer of oil-based primer of metal with a disposable brush bristles, and let it dry completely. Apply a finish coat of bright, oil-based metal in the paint color of your choice. Use a new disposable brush bristles.

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