Painted Unfinished Wood Dining Chairs

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Unfinished wood dining chairs – Painted furniture in your dining room chair, you update them and give them a fresh new style. Used black paint to make the antique furniture or retro modern look, or lightens the dark wood with white paint. For a future redecorating, it retapiza the room chairs. Allow the paint and varnish clear cure for five days prevents you scrape or damage to the finish. Remove the bases of the seats of the dining room chairs, turning them over and using a screwdriver to remove the screws. Book the foundations of the seats.

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Sanding furniture with sandpaper grain 100. This is important to make furniture unfinished wood dining chairs with a glossy finish, whether you paint them as paint or varnish. Unfinished wood does not require sanding. Use a damp sponge to clean the furniture and remove dust from the sanding. Apply a coat of primer-based oil with a brush. It is not necessary that the layer is perfect. Leave it to dry completely.

Apply a coat of latex paint unfinished wood dining chairs semisatinada on the primer using a clean brush. Leave the paint to dry completely, and then apply a second coat. The layers of paint must be thin and couples. Let the second coat to dry completely. Apply two coats of clear lacquer with a clean brush once the paint has dried. Let the varnish to dry between layers. Let the varnish is cured for five days before using the table or chairs. Again place the seats of the chairs, putting them in place and by placing screws.

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