Painting Solid Wood Dresser

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Solid wood dresser – Maybe you’ve inherited a dresser a longer period of time or you have a comfortable robust that has seen better days. The craftsmanship and materials used to make dressers years ago only used in high-end furniture today. Therefore, if you have a comfortable quality, consider repainting to coordinate with your home decor.

If you are working with a solid wood dresser, give it a light sanding to remove some of the protective layer. Remove drawer handles. Be sure to cover the floors, windows and ventilate using a mask. Clean dust. Apply a solid layer of your choice of paint color of your dresser. Working with even and uniform strokes to an almost professional finish, or use an enamel spray paint to a uniform distribution. Some may choose to repaint your dresser with a natural solid layer. This option works well in many areas. Allow the paint to dry, then apply a second coat for a smooth finish.

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Try a faux finish when painting his solid wood dresser for an eclectic and artistic accent to your room. Working with different colors to create an antique, distressed or textured appearance. There is antiques supplies artwork available at craft stores for this technique, or use deeper tones of paint to add signs of aging at the edges of his dresser.

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