Installation Of Pebble Tile

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Pebble Tile designs installed in bathroom, kitchen backsplashes and outdoor gardens, pebble tiles have a natural and quiet look. Made of stones extracted from the coasts of Indonesia, these rounded pebbles have been worn by water and sand. The stones are sorted for size and color before being mounted on mesh sheets in the streets 12 and 16 inches.

Levant leaves pebble tile boxes; mixing together leaves pebble several boxes at a time to mix the color of the leaves. Cut the mesh on the backs of the stones to cut sheets to fit the edges of the installation. Remove individual parts stones cutting nets and set aside; they will be used to fill gaps around the edges of the installation.

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Separate white mortar over the area where the pebble tile will be installed. Score mortar with the trowel until it reaches a depth and smooth. Press the leaves of stone tiles in the mortar one at a time. Place the sheets of pebble out up to the edges of the installation. Take the loose pieces of stone and rotate them to fit any large spaces around the edges by pressing them in the mortar. Let dry pebbles in place for at least 24 hours.

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