Ping Pong Pool Table Combination

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In this game of table tennis racket made from wood coated with rubber or called the bet, and then use a ping pong ball and a field shaped table, then ping pong pool table also needs to be taken into account existence, for instance, in terms of size. Size ping pong pool table usually has a length of 274 cm, width 152.5 cm, table height 76 cm from the floor, 2 cm thick side lines and spacious 4.1785 square meters.

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The size of the net rods and nets net usually has a size of 183 cm Web length, width and height of 15.25 cm Internet, a distance of 15.25 cm pole into the desk and broad Net 0.279075 square meters. A good reflection of the ball dropped from a height of 30.5 cm will produce the first bounce heights between 23-26 cm, in the table tennis ball is usually no asterisk from 1 to 3, and hooks 3 is showing the highest quality of this ball and usually utilised in official tournaments.

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Ping pong pool table– table tennis is a sport game racket and table as courts, table tennis is played by two people (for one category), four doubles for couples or opposite. Table tennis is also often known as a ping pong ball.

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