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Weather ready decking is high strength, wear-resistant composite decking material cellular pvc. This decking material doesn’t be stained or scratched with regular wear. Weather conditions won’t affect Weather Ready stage, since it is designed not to crack, warp, and splinter or split mold. Insects will not eat, as it’s made of PVC. Weather Ready is offered in various finishes and colours.

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Vinyl floors Deck Rite

Composite decking is a popular alternative to wood decking. With advances in technology, you can construct a deck that’s resistant to weather conditions and wear. It remains safer for more than wooden decking composite past periods.

Deck Rite vinyl floor can be installed on existing roofs or assembled as a new cover. This mold, water and decking slide resistant material is available in several colors. Decking material composition is unusual, consisting of material resistant vinyl polyester films. Built to withstand heavy foot traffic and elements of nature

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Decking Weather Ready

Lock Dry aluminum housing creates a waterproof, transparent surface and maintenance.material pieces lock together to eliminate pre-drilling with many alternatives of covers. Available in four colors, aluminum covered Lock Dry remains cool to touch in the summer months and can be slip resistant.

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