Professional Diamond Pool Tables

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The expert diamond pool tables carom has spread a series of diamond or diamonds to equidistant from one another and throughout the entire handrail or under the desk. In the short strands are three diamonds that split the table into four parts and the long strips are Seven Diamonds, being divided the table into eight equal parts.

The Theory of Diamonds is based on the use of diamonds, based at the frame of the table and you are awarded a numbered, distinguishing three sets of numbers have been called different, third ring at which the cue ball goes towards your objective. As it will be taken as the point of contact with the band Before signals

All professionals of this carom to get a fantastic run on the table, are based on the theory of diamonds, complex and difficult to master theory but tremendously helpful, to the point that can be extrapolated to use tables professional billiard pool, slightly changing the goal, rather than use the to make parabola, can be emperor to display the suitable point in the band to pocketing the billiard balls.

The importance of diamond pool tablesis that, given the nature and characteristics of this carom, the important thing is to make cannons, you need to get a frame to lean to get display a play correctly. And this framework is achieved by the diamonds that are Utilized to determine based on the angle of rebound on the side of the desk which is the path of this billiard ball