Rattan Coffee Table Ideas For Decorating

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Rattan coffee table – The rattan is a natural product that comes from a particular vine variety originally from the Far East. Despite being very light in appearance, has a solid core makes it extremely resistant to breakage, shock and humidity, which increases its durability. Moreover, given the length of the vine (get to have hundreds of meters), rattan furniture can be made ​​of one piece, continuous and seamless, thus increasing its aesthetic and resistance.

When we think of wicker or rattan furniture, or the first thing that usually comes to mind it is outdoor furniture or a piece of countryside, rustic, old and cheap, like a rattan coffee table. However both materials are increasingly used in interior design, as you’ll see in many decorating ideas that you propose in wicker and rattan for exterior and interior, with both economic pieces as high design.

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Surely we all remember ever having gone summer in our childhood and in rural areas find craftsmen making rattan coffee table, bread baskets, mats and baskets of all kinds. And, in general, originally they were produced especially for use in the field. However both materials have evolved and adapted to today resulting in numerous furniture designs and accessories.

Rattan coffee table is fit perfectly with many styles decorative, especially the vintage, the shabby chic, the Scandinavian style or retro style. Depending on the finish or the manner in which it was developed, the aesthetics will be more rustic or more minimalist, but you can use it without fear as they are aesthetically perfect in halls decoration, as inputs or bedrooms fundamentally.

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