Guideline To Build Recessed Medicine Cabinet

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Recessed medicine cabinet – The medicine cabinets are a must for a functional bathroom. The construction of the self and the addition of a door mirror is a good do-it-yourself project. Place the two side pieces on the floor next to each other. Mark the end pieces where you want the two shelves inside to go. Then run a bead of glue on an edge of the top piece and secure it to the side part 2d finish nails. Repeat for the bottom of the cabinet and then again to set the other side panel.

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Run a bead of glue on the end of a shelf, put it in place and secure it with nails. Then run a bead of glue on the back of all the ends and shelves and set the quarter-inch into place and fasten it with nails 2d box. Place some glue on one of the parts-by-¾ ¾-inch by 20-molding and secured to one side at the front of the box 2d box nails. Repeat for the other side panel. Set the two pieces of ¾-by-¾-inch-by-16 mold. Make a mark of 1 ½ inches from the long edge of the door at the top and the bottom. Install the hinges with the screws, then hold the door in place and attach the door to the inside of the side panel of the recessed medicine cabinet.

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