Reclaimed Wood Dresser Ideas

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Reclaimed wood dresser – Whether it’s an old dresser or a flea market just gathering dust in the house that ruled bedroom accessory probably has a lot of life in it. Give her a makeover and let it shine, or cannibalize and turn it into something completely new. Invest a little time and a little imagination to imagine a new life for your old comfortable.

Reclaimed wood dresser, bring new life to an old dresser, giving it a facelift. Repaint or retouch the part, replacement of obsolete or broken, such as hinges, knobs and handles hardware. Stripping, sanding, staining or painting re-dresser is a project easy weekend best attempt in a separate space, airy where you can leave the project without being disturbed during the drying time. Add ornaments painted dresser with antiques, stenciling or new hardware. Place a mirror. Add sticker’s nursery and resin knobs fairytale and comfortable gift to a friend at a baby shower. Get feedback from teenagers who incorporate their commissioned work in the bedroom or the bedroom decor.

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Sometimes reclaimed wood dresser, the sum is not greater than the parts. Deconstruct insurmountable dresser drawers and maintain a new modular library. Remove the hardware drawer, clean sand, and give them a new coat of primer and paint. Line the bottom of drawers painted to match your room decor paper. Stack the open side clean-up out drawers horizontal positioning gives ample shelves, vertical location allows higher books and pressed into a narrow space. Secure drawers each other and to the wall with brackets. Add wheels lock if you want a portable library can be moved as needed.

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